Successful weekend for Piceance Mustangs Group with BBQ and Project days

Piceance Mustangs had a great turnout for their 2nd annual Picnic and Project days on May 5th and 6th 2018.  Approximately 20 people came for the BBQ on Saturday. There was a variety of tasty food, time to get to know each other, and a short meeting sharing information and goals for the group.

After the picnic, a range tour was offered where attendees got to view some of the wild horses in the area. It was fun to see some foals along with the mares and stallions. The mustangs are enjoying the spring grasses and are almost done shedding out their winter coats.

On Sunday, about 15 people volunteered for the work project to remove some unsafe fencing. The weather was wonderful, and there was great camaraderie as the group removed old wire, installed posts, and repaired sections of boundary fence.

For more information about the Piceance Mustangs group, explore our website, follow us on Facebook, email, or call 970-241-0939.


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