August 25th Work Day Recap

Thank you to all who attended the work day on August 25; it was a huge success. Our goal was to remove about 2,200 feet of rusted barbed wire to make the range safer for the wild mustangs and other wildlife. A group of 16 (including 4 BLM employees) showed up to accomplish this endeavor. The old barbed wire –circa 1900—was rolled into wreaths to sell at the Meeker Sheepdog Trials which took place early September.
The weather was perfect and our goal accomplished in record time! A few mustangs were in the area and everyone enjoyed watching them. Afterwards, we had a BBQ – a real feast – which included Terry Mobley’s special baked beans and Diane’s chocolate cake. A special thank you to Terri and Dennis from Florida who were visiting their friend, George Brauneis in Delta.
Thank you to Jane, PM Director of Work Days and Melissa, BLM Range Technician for their leadership.
Together making a difference for Our American Wild Horses!
Note: the next workday is Saturday, September 22nd; Come join us!
Workday 8.25 photos

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