Tips for Viewing the Wild Horses


Maintain a Safe Distance from the Horses

Although at times the horses may appear to be docile, especially when standing around or resting, please remember that they are indeed wild. Moving too close to them puts everyone at great risk. Remember that you are a stranger in their territory and respect their space. If you see a horse begin to back up even slightly because of your presence, you are too close.

Never Feed the Wild Horses

Besides putting you too close to the horses, feeding them is extremely dangerous for the horses. Foods that are not part of their normal wild diets can cause serious imbalances in their digestive systems causing severe illness or death. Offering food hand-outs from vehicles teaches the horses to come up to the other vehicles on the road, putting them at great risk of being hit and injured or killed.

Drive Slowly and Stay Alert

If you are driving a vehicle on roads where driving is permitted, drive slowly and stay alert. Countless horses have been injured and killed by careless drivers. Hitting a horse can cause serious injury to you and damage your vehicle as well.

Prepare for a Long Walk

If you are walking, there is a good chance that you will walk quite a long way before seeing any horses. Wear comfortable walking shoes that can get dirty and muddy, and dress for the weather. Remember to take along common sense items like bottled water, insect repellent and sunscreen.

Take the Right Camera

Take a camera that has a reasonably powerful zoom feature and avoid any temptation to move too close to the horses for that great close-up shot.

Bring Binoculars

Use Common Sense and Be Respectful of the Horses and Environment

Thank you, and enjoy the Piceance Mustangs!